Business Coaching

Business coaching can be personal coaching and/or team coaching. Both managers and employees can benefit from coaching when faced with work-related challenges. It may be lack of performance/ results/ team-spirit, not thriving at the workplace, not managing change, loss of engagement, struggling taking the business to the next level and so on.

The coaching-process in business coaching often includes life coaching, because everything is connected.

How can your business benefit from coaching?

In a world where the pace of change is greater than ever, employees can be the companys' most important capital.

At the same time both managers and employees, are individuals who respond to change, challenges and the high pace differently. We get motivated by different tasks, thrive in various contexts and have different stress triggers. 

Business coaching can contribute so that employees and managers; 

  • Understand each others concerns 
  • Get reminded of what the corporate and individual strengths are
  • Build a beneficial and respectful relationship
  • Set meaningful and realistic goals
  • Increase efficiency, innovation and creativity
  • Raise awareness of appropriate processes / structures already in place (HR Policy, Vision, Past Success)

Business coaching offers a confidential and professional way to support managers, HR and employees to address business challenges.
Coaching may also be an ideal partner for health / wellness and stress reduction initiatives.

Examples of topics;

  • Managing change/ transition
  • "Work - life Balance"
  • Strengthening performance
  • Stress management
  • Increased efficiency
  • Developing GOALS
  • Increased ability to identify opportunities
  • Leadership development
  • Team spirit